Character Spotlight 5: Waseem Al-Kirkut

When you think of a bad guy, many people think of the world dominating, or I want it all types while some are just out for power. But for my character in my book he doesn’t want all of that. He wants revenge. Waseem Al-Kirkut is not your typical bad guy. Born in Iran and educated in England, he became of the countries premier nuclear physicists until something happen to make him disenfranchised with the government of Iran to betray it and set a plan in motion. This anger made him to contact a old friend who had the resources and money to begin everything. So the question is what is the one thing that could make a person betray everything he knows and seek revenge?

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Character Spotlight 4: Colonel James Jones

In most spy thriller or films the bad guy is usually some mad man bent on world domination or the destruction of something we hold dear, but in this case Colonel James Jones is not your typical mad man. A man who served honorably in the US Army for most of his life from a line officer up to a special forces battalion. After retirement he establish his own security firm before coming to be the Presidents expert on terrorism. Yet after years of frustration and intelligence failures he has decided to take matters in his own hands. He starts down a path that could lead the United States to experience the worst terrorist attack since 9/11. The question is can he be stopped in time.

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Character Spotlight 3: Donald Marks

For many the Central Intelligence Agency is viewed as a building filled with spies and bureaucrats. But those that think that, they are wrong. The Central Intelligence Agency is a complex agency that contains many departments, analysts, techs, maintenance and so much more. It needs one person to oversee all of that as well as run the intelligence operations that help keep America safe. Donald Marks who served in Vietnam in the Air Force and awarded for bravery and heroism is leading this vast enterprise. He has to oversee not only the vast network of departments but talk with his counterparts and politicians around the world and here at home. He also has to work with the agents and their superiors to work with analyst and other departments to make sure that intelligence is vetted before it is handed over to the President and his staff. Can he handle the stress of the position?

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Character spotlight 2: Kathleen Henderson

Often people think females in the world of intelligence collection think of the James Bond Girls or Piper Perabo in “Covert Affairs”, but for many of those female in the intelligence community, they come from different backgrounds. Kathleen Johnson is one of those. Born and raised in the military, in countries around the world  she learned about politics of the world at a early age. After serving in the US Army’s counterintelligence units, she earned her degree from Georgetown in International Studies and Middle Eastern politics. Her hard work and determination earned her high praise and recognition from not only her superiors but her colleagues around the world especially in the male dominated Middle East. She and Mike Johnson worked together to try and stop terrorist and rogue Middle Eastern countries from acquiring weapons of mass destruction.

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Character Spotlight 1: Mike Johnson

When  you think of an intelligence agent, a lot of people think of James Bond, that savvy, ladies man who drinks vodka martini’s and gets the bad guy every time. In fact most field intelligent agents are not that. Many of them come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some went to college and earned degrees, while others served in military and special forces where a majority of their jobs was collecting intelligence. Mike Johnson is one of those agents. An Army veteran who served in Special forces before being wounded in combat. After recovering he was recruit and train for the CIA. After completing several assignments, his current assignment is to try and gather intelligence on a Middle Eastern countries attempt to acquire nuclear weapons.

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Putting it all together

In my previous post, I talked about how I developed my characters, researched my plot and how I wanted a story that you can grasp too. So when you have all this you have to put the story together and begin to write it. In any story you have your main plots, but you could also see mini or sub-plot stories going on. That is what I wanted to include as well in my book. I wanted you the reader to see that, but you have to tie it all together with the larger plot of the story and keep the story moving. Now once I included everything together, the words started to flow out of fingers and onto the screen or paper if you like it old school. As you go along you may find yourself going back to make changes, or edits as you work on this. This is natural. Once you reach the ending you feel a sense of satisfaction, but the work is not done. You have to edit, and look it over once more. But for you as a writer when you get through that editing process, it is a great feeling knowing you have finished that project you were working on. I wish you happy writing in your quest for you to finish your books.

Developing my characters

I got asked by a coworker who bought my book, along with my better half asking questions about my characters that I have chosen, along with their traits. Well I can tell you this in the respect on how I developed my characters. I started first with a character outline of what I wanted my characters traits and background to be like. Such as hero character in my book. I made him former army special forces with a background in languages and intelligence gathering. From there I gave him a background and worked out a name. Took a few times before I found a name that fit. Same thing with the heroine in my story. I developed her background, and traits, along with her name but added a small twist to it. I wanted to add some romance between the hero and the heroine.  My villains aka bad guys, I did the same thing as them, but as I developed them, I wanted to give them a story to kind of tell the readers why they are like this. In spy novels, its always someone trying to take over the world or the money supply, or destroy something. In military books, its always the enemy or the terrorist. But for me what if it was something much different, and it had nothing to with political ideologies or personnel beliefs. What if it was just plain anger from something that happen to them.

Now for the story’s supporting characters. The development was not as intense in their development but they each have their own traits and flaws if you can pick them up. I wanted not only my readers to find a character they can root for, but maybe find that supporting character they can relate too. So developing characters for a story is a process, but if you do it right, you find your characters take on a life of their own. Thank you.