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I want to say thank you to all of you that have bought my book so far. I do hope you enjoy reading the book and please leave reviews either at Black Rose Writing or Amazon. Again I would like to thank you for purchasing my book. Sincerely, Aaron Albers


How I write my stories

For everybody that wants to try their hand at writing, let me offer you a little insight on how to develop a good story. First of all develop an outline of what you want your story to be about. Outline the main plot, mini plot and any side stories that you may want to include. Second, develop character biographies including background, and possible relationships with other characters. This will help in your writing. Third do research on area’s where your story or plots devices are going especially if it involves the Middle East. Finally develop a chapters outline in which you have idea what you want to put in each chapter. Once completed you have a rough idea on how your story will look.

Now start writing, whether be by hand, typewriter or on the computer. You are allowed to jump ahead and work on different chapters at the same time, but I defintley recommend saving these chapters separately and stored on a cloud and possibility a USB drive. I would also give chapters to people you know that you trust to be honest as well as harsh to read these chapters, make suggestions, corrections or point out errors in your writing. Once your chapters are finished you can start putting the final touches on your story.

Before you submit it to a publisher, hire a friend or a professional editor to look it over once more and make the final pre-submittal corrections. Then you can submit your story to the publisher or publishers. Don’t be discouraged if the process takes a while. Not every story gets selected for publication right away. But once you do get your story selected for publication it is the most thrilling feeling in the world.

Keep on writing my friends and I hope these tips will help you in your writing.

Excerpt from the book.


The Buy


2200 Hrs GMT

Iranian-Turkmenistan Border

August 24, 2011


The pickup passed the Iranian border checkpoint with no trouble and continued its journey.  Inside, two Russian men chatted about the money they’d make on the transaction.

One turned to check the cargo in the back as they drove down the dusty main road to the meeting spot.  They had to get back across the border before daylight, as they were expected back at the base in two days.

The driver checked his GPS unit.  “Get ready.  We’ll arrive in a few minutes.”

The passenger loaded a magazine into his AK-47 assault rifle, while the driver left the main road to a dirty road that didn’t deserve the name, road, looking for the marker that indicated the drop-off point.

The passenger shifted nervously in his seat.  “Something doesn’t feel right about this drop-off point.”

“Hush.  I see the marker.”  He stopped the truck but left the lights on so the recipients of the package could find them, as well as giving his partner and him a slight advantage.

Both men got out of the truck.  The driver went to the front, while the passenger stayed near the passenger door and kept his AK-47 ready.  When the driver reached the front of the truck, he was bathed in bright light from several vehicles.  The passenger raised his rifle, but the driver waved him off, barely able to see a dark shape walking toward him.

“You’re late.”  He stopped thirty feet from the driver.

“There was a line at the border checkpoint.”  The driver tried to guess how many men there were.  Due to the bright lights, he wasn’t able to tell.

“I take it there were no problems?”  The man lit a cigarette from a match struck away from his face.

“No.  Your man at the border checkpoint received the documentation you sent.”  He was still trying to make out the numbers.  The documentation he referred to was the ten thousand dollars in hundred-dollar bills that he passed to the guard.

“Excellent.  Do you mind if you and your companion retrieve the package for me?”  He puffed on his cigarette.

“I’d rather have one of your associates help, so my friend can guard the truck, if you don’t mind?”  His weapon was tucked into his belt against the small of his back.

The figure, halfway through his cigarette, smiled.  He figured that would happen, so he waved to one of his men to help the driver recover the package from the back of the pickup truck.  The associate appeared from the shadows, and, with the driver, went to the rear of the truck and helped carry the package to the front.

The driver opened it, and the man who helped carry it nodded to the figure standing a few feet away, who flicked the cigarette butt aside.  He waved to another man, who brought a bag to the truck driver.  He set it down and looked inside, smiling at the sight of the nonsequential US bills.  He looked at the figure.

“It’s all there,” the man said.

The driver closed the bag and handed it to his passenger, who set it in the back of the pickup.

The driver faced the figure again.  “A pleasure doing business with you, Comrade.”  He tried to see the man’s face.

“Same to you, Sir.”

The driver walked back to the truck, got in, and started the engine.  As the truck turned around and headed toward the main road, the figure pulled out a control device and pushed a button.  The truck exploded in a bright flash, caught fire, and veered into the ditch.

He turned to his men.  “Put out the fire and bury the bodies.”

One man shouted to his companions, two of whom rushed forward with fire extinguishers.

The figure turned to his second-in-command.  “Make sure their general receives payment for his cooperation.”

“It’s already been taken care of.”  He put away his cell phone.

“Excellent.  Now get me to the airport.  I have an urgent meeting in Dubai.”

The companion, nodding, opened the car door.

As the luxury vehicle drove back to the main road, the man pulled out a secured phone and sent a text message.


Six thousand miles away in Washington, DC, a phone on a bedside table vibrated with an incoming message.  A hand grabbed the phone to read the surprisingly simple message.

Baby delivered.  En route to meeting.

The man in the bed, smiling, set the phone back on the table.

Why I write

People often compliment me on my writing, whether it be my book or my fan fiction that I write as well. Yet people ask me why do I write, especially fan fiction since I don’t get paid for it. For me, writing is a way to escape the troubles of the modern world, or a way to forget about my troubles for a little while. When I write, I put myself into the characters, their environment, their stories and relationships. Writing often allows me to express my thoughts and concerns on paper, to which I may not be able to express in person. When I choose to write a story, I often develop it to have a ebb and flow that will keep the reader enticed with the story and not lose him or her. I want that person to come back and wanting more from the story. Yet as I complete a story,I feel a sense of disappointment because sometimes even though I know the story had to end, there are times I feel that I could have done more with it, but I had to cut the extra because it just didn’t fit what I was going for.

Then in the end, when I see a story published or read the reviews and people compliment it, I feel a sense of completion knowing that I entertained people with my writing. That is why I write.

Brief Overview about Highest Betrayal

In the Iranian Desert, two Russian soldiers are murdered after delivering a package to a shadowy figure. In Washington D.C., a high level government official sets a plan motion what could bring about a terrorist attack worse than 9/11. And in Dubai, a CIA asset is killed in a apparent terrorist attack after meeting with CIA Agent and former Army Special Forces operative Michael Johnson. Now back in the US, Michael Johnson and Kathleen Henderson must now work to prevent the attack despite deceit, treason, and accusations of murder. As they get closer, they call on an old friend of Michael’s to help prevent the attack. The question is can they do it in time.

A reader review of Highest Betrayal

By pattayo on December 29, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

This was really an enjoyable book to read and I cannot believe how quickly I was able to read it. For a first time author, I was extremely impressed at how very intriguing and captivating I found the style of writing. Each segment left me anxious to get onto the next part to see how things were going to play out. Lots of suspense with many unexpected twists and turns. Lots of interesting characters as well.

This story would lend itself very well to a number of sequels regarding the characters and inside workings of the government.
Great job!

Aaron Albers Bio

Aaron Albers was born on December 4, 1979 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. From 1987 to 1999 he lived in Menomonee Falls, Wi with his family. In 1998 he graduated from Menomonee Falls High School, then in January 1999 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps when he attended boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. Upon completion of boot camp in May of 1999, Aaron attended his occupational specialty school at Marine Corps Base 29 Palms, California. After completion of his training he was assigned to Bravo Battery 1st Battalion 11th Marines as a field radio operator. In 2001 he and his unit were assigned to the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit and were the first units to arrive in the Middle following the terrorist attacks. In March of 2002 he and the battery arrived home from their deployment to the Middle East.  In February of 2003 he and his unit deployed to Kuwait to prepare for the invasion of Iraq. In March of 2003 his unit supported the invasion of Iraq with artillery fire. In July of 2003 he returned home along with the rest of his unit. In December of 2004 he transferred to Marine Corps Air Base Cherry Point to be a radio operator for Marine Wing Support Squadron 274. March of 2004 he and a detachment of his unit deployed to Haiti for stabilization operations following the uprising in that country. In February 2006 MWSS-274 deployed to Iraq for a seven month deployment. In September of 2006, he returned home. In December of 2007 he was discharged from the United States Marine Corps to where he moved to Florida with his family.

In 2005 he married his wife Linda before his deployment to Iraq. In 2007 their son Aaron Jr was born in New Bern, North Carolina. In 2008, Aaron started college by attending Palm Beach State College. In 2011, Aaron transferred to Florida Atlantic University. In May of 2014, Aaron graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences in Secondary Education. He worked for one semester at Park Vista Community High School in Lake Worth, Florida as a history and Geography teacher. He currently lives in Palm Beach County with his wife and son.