Coming up with Characters

One of the many questions I have received about Highest Betrayal is how did I come up with my characters. Well for the characters, the first thing was that I came up with names for my characters. Such as the heroes of the story Michael Johnson, and Kathleen Henderson, I just picked two names both first and last and it just seemed to stick with the characters. Now for the antagonist it was a little bit different because he comes from a country in the Middle East so I had to research exactly on how the names fit with each other. As for the rest of the characters it was a simpler task of just trying to find names that fit well. Once I had the names completed, I turned to coming up with their bios, which included my secondary and minor characters who did not have as extensive bio as the main characters.. For my two main characters I felt a military background to their bios would be just perfect for the both of them because that is how I viewed them within my mind as I came up with them. As for the second antagonist I  also wanted him to have a military background because for me, a soldier who lost faith can often be the best the best bad guy for your heroes, which serves the story very well. As for the main antagonist I  wrote within his bio that wanted him to seek the revenge for someone very close to him. In coming up with these characters, I wanted them to have their own identities as well as helping the story move along with the support from the other characters who had their own identity as well and their interactions within the plot of the book.

So coming up with characters for your stories, novels, or series can be easy, or hard but if just put in the time and effort to develop your characters, it will payoff in the end and you will be happy with the results.

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Why Outlining is good for you books

I had during the course of my online release party a question to posed to me, and it was how I cam up with my book. I of course told them how I found a idea for the plot, researched it, and develop the book from there, but going back on it, I kind of did a mini outline without really doing the outline for the book. So as I continue to write, I now start planning out my book with an outline. These outlines includes what the book should be about, character bios title and the actual outline it self. The outlines for the books include chapters and what each point of the chapter will be. This allows me to see the plot unfolding and gives me a rough starting point before I even start writing. Theses outlines have actually helped me to improve my writing because if I get stuck I can go back and reference the outline and make changes to the outline and book if necessary. So outlines for your books is a great thing because it actually helps in the writing process.

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How social media can help with your books and yourself as a author

With the world today ever more interconnected through the uses of social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth, these tools can be ever useful if you are trying not only to promote your books but yourself as a author. With the creation of Facebook Pages, you can reach untold audiences who may not be aware of your works. If you spend the money you can simply boost your page or post to reach a audience in a country or counties you like to target. Plus having friends, and family share post on their time lines and asking friends to share as well, will continue to build up your audience. Twitter is another useful tool to use in the attempt to build up your audience. First you can link your author or books Facebook page to your Twitter account so every time you post, it can go out onto Twitter. Using tools like hashtags and attaching your name or name of your books will help people find them. Asking Friends or fellow authors to share and re-tweet your tweet to help reach the maximum number of people, as well as following your publisher or adding the name to any re tweets that you do. Doing so will help people find you and your books. Attaching other social media accounts to any post that you do will help your profile grow and maybe get people interested in your books. Websites are another great tool to use because these sites can be linked to your social media accounts as well. Updates talking about your books or appearances will defintley help you get more connected to the world.

Other outlets like YouTube allow you to post videos promoting your book or website or Facebook pages. YouTube also allows you to post pod cast that you take part in or create. Along with the creation of book trailers and posting it can help you build your profile and have people connect with your books.

So the use of the different social media outlets can help you build your profile as a author as well as have people connect with your publish works.


Why books and reading are important

People ask are books even important today, and what is the point of reading if everything you want to know can be said in a 140 characters or less on Twitter, or wait until the movie comes out. Well I am here to tell you why books and reading are important. Books can tell you a story that you don’t have to spend a fortunate on tickets and popcorn for. Movies can cut key parts of the books out or rewrite the story all together. With social media, you cant tell the story or even the plot in a 14o characters or less. With books and reading you get invested into characters and the story as well as getting involved in the emotions, the plot and trials and tribulations of everyone. Besides the investment into the story, books and reading are important because for many, books are the very first thing they receive as children. Books and reading help children to develop their vocabulary as well as tools needed to recognize words and pictures. As we get older, books and reading become even more important, because the more skills we gain, the more our language develops. But books and reading, as we age, remain important because it helps our minds and skills remain sharp. So instead of spending the 80 dollars at movie theater or tweeting about seeing the upcoming movie base on a book or just tweeting about mundane stuff. So take 20 minutes out of your day and pick up a book you like to read, or have read and just take the time to read.

Upcoming from Aaron Albers

We have had people asking what is up coming for Aaron Albers and what is going to be in the pipeline as far as books are concern. Aaron has a couple different books that he is working on right now. Aaron right now is in the planning stages for a three series World War 2 book about a American Family from West Palm Beach Florida, and has a sci fi book in the writing stages at the moment. As far as Highest Betrayal goes, Aaron is planning a sequel for the book, but it is currently in the idea and brain storming stage right now, so please stay tuned for upcoming updates about that.

Aaron is also planning to start doing a podcast sometime within the next couple months. Topics are still being ironed out as well as scheduling recording days, but we will keep you posted.

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