Independence Day Author Meet and Greet and Book Fair

On Saturday July 1st, Aaron Albers is hosting the Independence Day Author Meet and Greet and Book Fair. This is as of right now a online event only, so you can join from the comfort of your own home, or while at the beach, the airport, mall, restaurant etc. At this Meet and Greet and Book Fair, you can meet Aaron Albers’s fellow authors, browse their books, and ask questions of them. Also there will be giveaways, games, contest to take part in. More details will be forthcoming in the next few days for the prizes, giveaways, and games, as well as who are the authors that will be attending this event.  It is free and open to the public. The event runs from three p.m. to nine p.m., so stop on by to meet some the up and coming authors in the United States as the country celebrates its birthday. So mark your calendar please for July 1st, 2017 for the Independence Day Author Meet and Greet and Book Fair, and come out to support Aaron Albers, and his fellow authors at this event.




Terrorism plays a huge role in literature today

Prior to books involving terrorism became popular, some authors wrote books that dealt with wars with the Warsaw Pac, or China, or Iran, or maybe all of them at once. Or books were written about the Korean, Vietnam, Civil War, World War 2 etc. Yet as acts of terrorism became more numerous through out the years, authors started to turn away from the books that dealt with the traditional warfare while turning to the world of terrorism and intelligence agencies battles to stop these attacks. Just take a look at books that Tom Clancy had written later on in his career. He not only kept the series with Jack Ryan and any conflicts some what traditional, but he also included terrorists attacks in his series as well, either a bombing or attacks in cities, to the use of WMD’s within the United States, in the ways of a nuclear bomb, or a biological weapon. Vince Flynn is another author, who had his life tragically cut short by cancer, who took the threat of terrorism and the intelligence agencies efforts to stop them to a new height in his Mike Rapp series. Other authors include A.G. Riddle, Brad Thor, Rob Sinclair, and many more who have wrote best selling novels that often include terrorism and intelligence agencies, and government efforts to stop them.

Now today with social media being  another part of the battlefield in the fight against terrorism, authors are also incorporating that aspect as well into their stories as well. As we continue to see this battle between terrorist organizations and agencies and governments attempts to stop them evolve, we will see authors continue to evolve their books as well to continue to meet this ever changing literary part of the world.

To find out more about the authors mentioned above, check out your local library or the internet.

Aaron Albers is the author of Highest Betrayal, a spy thriller novel that takes you from the MidEast to the streets of America’s cities as it is a race to stop the largest terrorist attack since 9-11 from occuring. Michael Johnson, and Kathleen Henderson must comb through treachery, deceit and murder to stop this attack, but the question is can they do it in time? Highest Betrayal is available from the following locations:

Enjoy the book trailer for Highest Betrayal and keep tuned for further announcements of future works, events and other news from Aaron Albers.


Thoughts are with London

I write again with another heavy heart, as our friends in United Kingdom suffered another terrorist attack. Though I only write about terrorism, I have seen the effects of it first hand as a United States Marine. Yet we must not give into fear, nor allow these terrorists to dictate what we do with our lives. We must stand up and show these radical Islamic Terrorists that we will not give into them, and their threats on our ways of life. Today I stand with our friends and partners across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, who like I said after the bombings in Manchester, have a rich, vibrant culture full of history and courage. They are a resilient people who will not give into fear, hate or tyranny. They will over come this and continue to march on forward. Carry on my English friends, and God Save the Queen.


Aaron Albers

Author Highest Betrayal

Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, 1999-2007

Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom Vet.


special relationship

Why serving as a Marine helped me with my book


When I started writing Highest Betrayal I incorporated military experiences in with my characters. The reason I did this, is because as a former Marine I felt it would make the book and the characters more exciting. Not just because I could relate to the characters being military, but through my experiences while serving in the Marine Corps. I served on the front lines of the war of terrorism, and the war in Iraq. So as I wrote book, I thought to myself, how do my experiences help me in the writing. Then I remembered all the briefings and instructions I sat through that went through what we should be prepared for. Real world experiences also played a large role in helping me in writing the book as well, such what we should expect if a vehicle approaches our convoy, how to handle prisoners and information that we collected. So as I wrote the story, I just thought  to myself, the characters would have received the same briefing just as I have, and more since they are now part of a intelligence agency.  And the actions taken by the characters is what I would have done too if I found myself in the same predicament. As the book went further along, I continued to think based on my training, what would I do, what would the characters do based on their training. So having that real world experience especially military training helped me in writing my book Highest Betrayal. 

Highest Betrayal is available for purchases from the following locations: