Character Spotlight 3: Donald Marks

For many the Central Intelligence Agency is viewed as a building filled with spies and bureaucrats. But those that think that, they are wrong. The Central Intelligence Agency is a complex agency that contains many departments, analysts, techs, maintenance and so much more. It needs one person to oversee all of that as well as run the intelligence operations that help keep America safe. Donald Marks who served in Vietnam in the Air Force and awarded for bravery and heroism is leading this vast enterprise. He has to oversee not only the vast network of departments but talk with his counterparts and politicians around the world and here at home. He also has to work with the agents and their superiors to work with analyst and other departments to make sure that intelligence is vetted before it is handed over to the President and his staff. Can he handle the stress of the position?

To find out more about Director Donald Marks and other characters, please purchase: “Highest Betrayal”

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