How I researched my plot

When I decided to write my book, I wanted to try and least add some authenticity to it. So like anybody preparing to write, I decided to do some research on it. My plot line I researched news stories that related to my topic and current policies and politics that dealt with part of my story. Then with locations like places in the Middle East, I wanted to find countries that would serve alcohol but mainly to foreigners that did business deals. It took some research but I found my answer. As my plot and story took shape, I continuously researched more and more to try and make my story as accurate as possible with locations, but also added some spin to it to make it entertaining. Such as my characters on the run from the law, and trying to reach their final destination to the save the day. As my story drew closer to the ending, I continued to do research, such as location for my finale, but as a author I am allowed to take some artistic license especially when it came to bringing my plot to a end and how I wanted to leave off my characters. So my advice to writers of fiction, take time to do the research it will help your story. Thank you.


My Characters

When I started to gather idea’s for my book, I thought of all the books I read that kind of the same concept of mine, along with a few inspirations from the great writers like Larry Bond, Harold Coyle, Tom Clancy and so forth. So when I developed my characters whom I thought would appeal to most people. My two heroes both served in the military; one was army special forces, while the other was in counter intelligence.┬áMy opponents to my heroes I developed on what I feel that people may find most appealing as a villain. My supporting characters I all developed based on my real life experiences and travels as part of the Marine Corps. Character development in my story was crucial because each supporting character no matter how big or small played a crucial role with in the story. As you read the story, you may find your self drawn to anyone of the characters, and finding yourself rooting for or against this character for them to succeed or fail. This is my goal as a writer and for the book. Happy Reading.

A Story that grasp hold of you

When writing this story, I wanted it to be a story that would grasp you from the very beginning, and make you say I want to keep reading it and find out what happens next. So in order to do so, I picked a plot that could possibly keep the readers entertain. A pair of American spies who are accused of murder and must prove their innocent, while a government official sets a plan in motion to detonate a atomic bomb in a major US city with the help of Iranian dissidents. Once I had my plot line figured out I had to develop characters you can root for as well as root against. I wanted to add a little bit of suspense, romance, and mystery into the story as well. For me, I wanted all that combine with as realistic locales. By the time you reach the end, and you are loving the story and hooked by it, I have accomplished my task. For me that is the greatest accomplishment I could get as a author.

My Book and my coworkers who read it

The people that I work with that bought my book have given me some of the greatest reviews. They said they have enjoyed it and asked me questions about it. One person wondered at the end, I kind of left a bit of a cliff hanger. I meant it like that because I left the door open to a sequel which I want to do for my book. Another question that was asked was when one of the characters who visited a cemetery who they were visiting there. I explained it a bit, but the answer would be revealed in the squeal to the story. I was asked questions, but my simple answer is for some of the answers will have to wait until the squeal to my book comes out. I thank all those that have supported me in the process and since the book has been released. You are my inspiration to write and to succeed. Thank you.

The picture below is me signing a book for a coworker.