Book Trailer

Good evening everyone,

I just completed a book trailer for my book Highest Betrayal. I hope you all enjoy it.



Promoting your book

As a new author, I am finding out how basically on the fly how to promote my book. Needless to say it is a lot to take in. Besides trying to reach potential readers through different methods, you also have to try different media and sources. Such as newspapers, social media, word of mouth, twitter, and other such means. It is truly a learning experience. I want my book to do well, and I want to be successful as a author. So my advice to those wishing to get into the world as a author, develop a great plan, and if you can afford it, maybe have somebody to help you do it. I would like to recommend Angela Statton Hunt, because she has been very good with working with me, and helping me develop a plan to help me succeed. Her link to her business is on the page.

Just remember it takes time to become a success; hard work and dedication to do it. So don’t get discourage, and also don’t get frustrated. Just remain calm and develop a great plan.