Putting it all together

In my previous post, I talked about how I developed my characters, researched my plot and how I wanted a story that you can grasp too. So when you have all this you have to put the story together and begin to write it. In any story you have your main plots, but you could also see mini or sub-plot stories going on. That is what I wanted to include as well in my book. I wanted you the reader to see that, but you have to tie it all together with the larger plot of the story and keep the story moving. Now once I included everything together, the words started to flow out of fingers and onto the screen or paper if you like it old school. As you go along you may find yourself going back to make changes, or edits as you work on this. This is natural. Once you reach the ending you feel a sense of satisfaction, but the work is not done. You have to edit, and look it over once more. But for you as a writer when you get through that editing process, it is a great feeling knowing you have finished that project you were working on. I wish you happy writing in your quest for you to finish your books.


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