Memorial Day Thoughts

While Highest Betrayal is a work of fiction, the military aspects of the book are very much part of me. I spent 8 years as a United States Marine and it will forever be a part of me and anything else I write in the future. This day is not about BBQ’s and days at the beach or on the boats. This day is about remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of this great country. Those like me who served or are serving in the military know what we are signing up for, and the risk involved in joining the military. So I salute all those that gave their lives in the defense of this great country of ours, and to the best platoon leader I have ever served with: “TO CAPTAIN ROBERT SECHER. SIR YOU HELPED TO MOLD ME INTO BECOMING THE BEST MARINE POSSIBLE. YOU ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN SIR. RIP. KIA: OCTOBER 8, 2006, HIT, IRAQ.” Please remember those that gave their lives in defense of this great country known as America.


Thoughts and prayers to the people and victims of Manchester bombing.

It is with a heavy heart that I make this posting. As a author I write about Terrorism for my stories, but as a former Marine, I have seen the effect the terrorism on the countries I have been to and the effects they have on people. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families of the bombing, and they also go out to the people of Manchester. The people of the city, the county, and the United Kingdom are a proud people who have a rich history and a vibrant culture. They will not submit to fear, and like so many times in their history they will overcome this and continue to march on. Rule Britannia, and God Save the Queen. Sincerely, Aaron Albers, Sgt, USMC 1999-2007 Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom Vet. Author of Highest Betrayal.


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