Reviews of Highest Betrayal

Highest Betrayal has gotten rave reviews from the readers. Here are just some of the following reviews of the book.

By pattayo on December 29, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

This was really an enjoyable book to read and I cannot believe how quickly I was able to read it. For a first time author, I was extremely impressed at how very intriguing and captivating I found the style of writing. Each segment left me anxious to get onto the next part to see how things were going to play out. Lots of suspense with many unexpected twists and turns. Lots of interesting characters as well.

This story would lend itself very well to a number of sequels regarding the characters and inside workings of the government.
Great job!

By John Hazen on February 19, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Highest Betrayal is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller that asks the chilling question: “What if?” The operatives, who Albers paints as very believable characters, must race against time and don’t know who to trust as they seek to stop the unthinkable from happening. This is a very good book that should be on your reading list. I look forward to Albers’ next work.
on June 28, 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed the book!! I was drawn in by the first couple of pages. The manner in which the author wrote kept my attention throughout the whole book. His exellence in describing each and every character was very creative and brought the characters to life. I especially loved the ending! Aaron Albers is a fantastic writer!!! I would highly recommend this book to anyone!!! I am looking forward to his next book!!
on April 9, 2016
This book is across from Quantico and Madam Secretary two of my favorite shows and it made me feel like this book was real life with action drama suspense thrills Romance all of in one book that was I loved. I would love to read more of this author’s books than ever. And personally I would love to meet the man that wrote this book.
on July 29, 2016
Very enjoyable read. Great chemistry between the 2 operatives, great develpoment of characters and plot. Would love to read more by this author!! Hope a new book is in the works
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Looking for a New Year’s resolution besides the usual of get in shape, quit smoking, take that dream vacation. How about adding one more to that list by reading a new book. If you like books that contain action, drama, thrills and a little bit of romance, then there is a book for you. Highest Betrayal takes you from the Mideast to Washington DC, to California as Michael Johnson and Kathleen Henderson race to stop a terrorist attack from happening while learning who is actually behind the attack. Question is can they do it in time. To find out please purchase Highest Betrayal from the following retailers to learn more:

A great gift for Christmas

If you are looking for that last minute gift idea for that person who loves to read. Then look no further. Purchase Aaron Albers spy thriller novel Highest Betrayal. A high action pack novel as Mike Johnson and Kathleen Henderson race to prevent a terrorist attack bigger than 9/11. During the race they uncover information just how high this potential terrorist attack reaches into highest levels of the United States Government. So the question is can they stop the attack in time. Purchase Highest Betrayal to find out what happens. Highest Betrayal is available for purchase from the following locations:


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Holiday Gift Idea

You looking for a great gift idea for this holiday shopping season. You got friend, love one, coworker that loves to read, and you want to buy them a book, well take a look at Highest Betrayal. Highest Betrayal has romance, action, suspense, and even a little comedy included with it as well. The book will have them on the edge of their seat as they read it, as they wait to find out what happens. Highest Betrayal makes the perfect gift for that book lover in your life. It is available in both soft cover and digital download. Purchase your copy today. Highest Betrayal is available from these following distributors.


Author Spotlight

What do we know about Highest Betrayal author Aaron Albers? Aaron Albers according to his family and friends describe him as a loving man who cares about his family and friends. He has a stubborn streak but that streak is what helped him to obtain his goals of getting into the Marine Corps, completing boot camp, and after his discharged getting his degree in Education. He found that writing was a way for him to escape the troubles of the real world, and focus on something else. That is how he wrote Highest Betrayal. It came to him while working third shift as a security guard as a way to pass the time during his shift. From there it grew into the novel that it is today. But there is more to the author then just writing. Aaron enjoys spending his time with friends and family and trying to do things. Such as going to the beach or local events when they can. The author is a huge sports fan rooting for his former home state teams of Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, and the Wisconsin Badgers. He also holds season tickets for himself and his family to his alma mater at Florida Atlantic University for Football Season.

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Highest Betrayal Spotlight 3

When you read Highest Betrayal, you find yourself wondering what would I do in that characters position? And that is my goal as a writer for this story. To get you engaged with the character to make yourself wonder what would I do if I was that character? Would I panic or do what the character does? Do you like the bad guys, and wonder if you can take that leap and betray everything for some revenge? That is the goal as me as the author of the story. In Highest Betrayal the characters are put in situations that your ordinary people don’t often find themselves in and they may overcome it. So when you read the story you should ask yourself can I over come what this person in the story is going through? You just surprise yourself.

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Highest Betrayal Spotlight 2

When you read Highest Betrayal, you may find yourself wondering; how did the author come up with the characters and their back stories. Well in Highest Betrayal you kind of get that through out the story with some of the main characters. For the two heroes there backstory is right there when they get really introduced to you. For some of the other characters their backstory is trickled out over time as you continue to read the book. For these characters some will find yourself rooting for, while others you will hate and cheer against, but they are a key part of the story. So who will you find yourself liking in Highest Betrayal?

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Highest Betrayal Spotlight 1

Highest Betrayal is a book that takes a look at a what if scenario. The fears of nuclear terrorism are very real especially in this day and age, and it makes you wonder. Are we truly prepared for it. What can our intelligence agencies do to prevent such a incident from happening. So Highest Betrayal takes you into the world of intelligence gathering as well as the efforts taken by those to stop such weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists. These efforts not only take a toll on resources, but on people as well. Yet to keep America safe, and these weapons out of the hands of terrorist, our Intelligence folks have to go through to stop that.

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What’s up next for Highest Betrayal

People have asked me about my book; Is there a sequel planned for it?; What do you plan next because your characters are still out there?; It was so good I would like to see more about these characters in another book. So here is the skinny what I do have planned for Highest Betrayal. Down the road, I would like to have the book become a audio book as sales continue to improve over time. I do have a sequel in the planning stages for the book, but I have other projects that I would like to get accomplished first. Any goal of a author is to have a book become successful to the point where the people are clamoring for it and more of the same. So that is what is in the works for Highest Betrayal.

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Why buy Highest Betrayal?

People asked me, why should I buy Highest Betrayal? I answer them this. If they love action, mystery, suspense, some romance, and a edge of your seat thriller this is the book for you. For me, I know the writing is a little rough, and it could be a longer book, but the story and the plot is well thought out. One of the best reviews I got is that the characters are well thought out with their backstories, and the person told me they like this in characters because it makes the characters in the book seem a little bit more real. Other people who have reviewed the book loved the plot line involving a shadowy government figure who was behind the scenes, while others loved the two heroes of the book. It all depends on how you like your spy thrillers. I myself loved everything about the book. I purschased a couple copies and gave them away as gifts to which the people that received them have enjoyed the books. So if you enjoy a good book especially a spy thriller, I recommend Highest Betrayal.

Available now for purchase is Highest Betrayal.

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