Why books and reading are important

People ask are books even important today, and what is the point of reading if everything you want to know can be said in a 140 characters or less on Twitter, or wait until the movie comes out. Well I am here to tell you why books and reading are important. Books can tell you a story that you don’t have to spend a fortunate on tickets and popcorn for. Movies can cut key parts of the books out or rewrite the story all together. With social media, you cant tell the story or even the plot in a 14o characters or less. With books and reading you get invested into characters and the story as well as getting involved in the emotions, the plot and trials and tribulations of everyone. Besides the investment into the story, books and reading are important because for many, books are the very first thing they receive as children. Books and reading help children to develop their vocabulary as well as tools needed to recognize words and pictures. As we get older, books and reading become even more important, because the more skills we gain, the more our language develops. But books and reading, as we age, remain important because it helps our minds and skills remain sharp. So instead of spending the 80 dollars at movie theater or tweeting about seeing the upcoming movie base on a book or just tweeting about mundane stuff. So take 20 minutes out of your day and pick up a book you like to read, or have read and just take the time to read.

Upcoming from Aaron Albers

We have had people asking what is up coming for Aaron Albers and what is going to be in the pipeline as far as books are concern. Aaron has a couple different books that he is working on right now. Aaron right now is in the planning stages for a three series World War 2 book about a American Family from West Palm Beach Florida, and has a sci fi book in the writing stages at the moment. As far as Highest Betrayal goes, Aaron is planning a sequel for the book, but it is currently in the idea and brain storming stage right now, so please stay tuned for upcoming updates about that.

Aaron is also planning to start doing a podcast sometime within the next couple months. Topics are still being ironed out as well as scheduling recording days, but we will keep you posted.

For continued updates about upcoming books, and the podcast or other news and events, please like Aaron Albers Facebook page,or bookmark the website as well as follow him on Twitter.

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Recap of Online Launch Book Party and outlook on the future.


First of all, I would like to thank all those again that help make the Online Launch Book Party a success. I had great questions from people as well as authors posting links for their books. Also I would like to congratulate those selected to receive a personally signed copy of my book Highest Betrayal. We will defintley look into the future of doing that again. So what is coming in the future. I am looking at in the future of doing a podcast. It is in the preliminary stages of planning right now, but it is a possibility. We will also look at doing more events in the future. As for me as a author, I do have some more things in the pipeline as in books wise. There is a scifi novel that I want to complete, and a WW2 historical fiction that I am currently in the planning stages with. As for a sequel for Highest Betrayal, I will look at doing on in the future. Stay tuned for more updates with what is coming down the pipeline from Aaron Albers.




Online Launch Book Party Update 4

The Online Launch Book Party was a success. I would like to thank everyone that attended and asked questions of me and my fellow authors, and I would to like thank my fellow authors for attending and posting the links for their books. I will be announcing the winners of the personally signed copies of my book Highest Betrayal sometime later on today. So thank you all that made this a success.

Online Launch Book Party Update 3

Aaron Albers Online Book Launch Party is underway on Facebook. Stop by and ask questions of him and any of his fellow authors as well as be entered in for a drawing of getting a personally signed copy of his book Highest Betrayal. You will be able to also browse other reading selections from other authors who are able to post the links to their books. So stop by and see what is going on.

Online Book Party Update 1

With Aaron Albers online book launch party coming up this Saturday, February 25th, as we would like to give you a little update with what the plans are. The event starts at Midnight Eastern Standard Time. This allows people from overseas a opportunity to post in the event section. This is also a event where the public can ask questions of the author as well as other authors. Other authors are welcome to post links to their books and websites on the event forum as well. The event last all day until 1159 pm Eastern Standard Time. At the end of the event, Aaron Albers will select 3 people who attend the event to receive a personally signed copy of his book Highest Betrayal. So make sure you set some time aside this Saturday February 25th to attend the online book launch party for Highest Betrayal, and make sure you invite some friends to join you as well. See you there this Saturday.




Online Book Launch Party

Come and join Aaron Albers, the author of Highest Betrayal, on February 25th for a all day online Book Launch Party. Meet and greet other authors online, shop for different books, ask questions to different authors. This is a all day event where people from around the world can join. So make plans to set some time to attend the online book launch party for Highest Betrayal and join in the fun. Keep a eye out for more updates as we get closer to the event. Hope to see you all there.






Valentines Day Gift

Tired of getting that special person the same Valentines Day Gift every year. That person who is enjoys books and reading besides spending every minute with you. Then get them the gift that can last a lifetime in a book. Then purchase the action packed spy thriller Highest Betrayal by Aaron Albers. The action packed book takes you from the Middle East, to the high levels of government and into the heart of Los Angeles as Mike Johnson and Kathleen Henderson are in a race to stop a terrorist attack that would be worst than 9/11. Just take a loot at some of the reviews of Highest Betrayal.

on January 9, 2017

Highest Betrayal by Aaron Albers is a fast paced, government-conspiracy-theory novel. It centers around two CIA agents, Michael Johnson and Kathleen Henderson. Michael prefers the nomad lifestyle of a field agent, specializing in gaining information on the Iranian nuclear program. Michael is under the charge of Kathleen, a brilliant woman with a mind for communications and vast knowledge on the Middle East.

When Michael’s primary insider is murdered in Dubai he finds himself in the middle of a terrifying plot to kill millions of innocent Americans. The deeper Michael and Kathleen dig into the plot the higher they find the conspiracy reaches.

Highest Betrayal is a fascinating, enjoyable read. Along with the terrifying possibilities presented there is also humor, friendship and love. This was a great story and I look forward to reading more by Albers.

on February 19, 2016
Highest Betrayal is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller that asks the chilling question: “What if?” The operatives, who Albers paints as very believable characters, must race against time and don’t know who to trust as they seek to stop the unthinkable from happening. This is a very good book that should be on your reading list. I look forward to Albers’ next work.
on June 28, 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed the book!! I was drawn in by the first couple of pages. The manner in which the author wrote kept my attention throughout the whole book. His exellence in describing each and every character was very creative and brought the characters to life. I especially loved the ending! Aaron Albers is a fantastic writer!!! I would highly recommend this book to anyone!!! I am looking forward to his next book!!
So why spend a ton of money on candy and flowers when a good book can be just as romantic if it comes from the heart. So purchase Highest Betrayal for that special someone today. Highest Betrayal is available now at the following locations:


How Highest Betrayal links to the real world

Looking back at the past few years including the election a lot of news has been covered about terrorism, the CIA, homeland security and the Iranian nuclear weapon program and the deal. As a author, I found it as a amazing coincidence on how the link between Iran, terrorism, CIA, homeland security that was talked about in the past election cycle linked up to my book Highest Betrayal. The reason I found it a coincidence is that my book as a fictional account of what could happen if terrorists from Iran gained control of a nuclear weapon, and attempted to use on the United States. I also found it funny that every politician since 2001 has made the same claim about Iran, terrorism, and nuclear weapons, and stated that the CIA and homeland security deserved top priority to prevent a nuclear attack or Iran gaining weapons like nukes from happening. Now without going into too many details about my book, I just thought to myself as I began researching this, what would happen if a someone high up in the government was working with the terrorists?

I know there has been plenty of books that have been written about that subject, and the CIA, and until there is a change in the world, there will be plenty afterwards. My book is just one of many, but I offer a prospective from a angle that only a few authors recently have done. And that is served in the Middle East in Iraq during the war. I spent 8 years in the United States Marine Corps conducting two combat tours in Iraq, took part in the opening stages of war on Terror and a stabilization mission in Haiti. So I have the understanding of the real world that some don’t see other what was on the news.This experienced helped me build my characters and allowed me to develop the plot after some minor research.

So in the end, the events of the real world can help people write their books, just like it did with mine.  Terrorism, the CIA, homeland security, the Iranian nuclear weapons program all play a part in books written, including mine Highest Betrayal.