Happy Independence Day Everyone

Hey everyone, as we close out another 4th of July, I take stock in what this holiday really means. For many it is a excuse to barbecue for friends and relatives, or enjoy a day at the beach or enjoy fireworks show, but all this came at a cost. America did not gain its freedoms the easy way, we gained it through the blood sweat and tears of those brave men and women who have stood up and answered the call that says: “I will defend this country and its freedoms to my last dying breath.” I too answered the call and will answer the call always, even though I served my time in the military, that oath I took never has a expiration date on it. And there are many more just like me who are still answering the call today world wide spending the holiday away from their family and friends; spending it in far flung places of the world defending the freedoms that we enjoy today. So to my brother and sisters in the service and the members of the intelligence community, I say this. Happy Independence Day; Ears Open, Eyes up and stay frosty.

Semper Fi

Aaron Albers

Sgt, USMC 1999-2007

Author of Highest Betrayal


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