Terrorism plays a huge role in literature today

Prior to books involving terrorism became popular, some authors wrote books that dealt with wars with the Warsaw Pac, or China, or Iran, or maybe all of them at once. Or books were written about the Korean, Vietnam, Civil War, World War 2 etc. Yet as acts of terrorism became more numerous through out the years, authors started to turn away from the books that dealt with the traditional warfare while turning to the world of terrorism and intelligence agencies battles to stop these attacks. Just take a look at books that Tom Clancy had written later on in his career. He not only kept the series with Jack Ryan and any conflicts some what traditional, but he also included terrorists attacks in his series as well, either a bombing or attacks in cities, to the use of WMD’s within the United States, in the ways of a nuclear bomb, or a biological weapon. Vince Flynn is another author, who had his life tragically cut short by cancer, who took the threat of terrorism and the intelligence agencies efforts to stop them to a new height in his Mike Rapp series. Other authors include A.G. Riddle, Brad Thor, Rob Sinclair, and many more who have wrote best selling novels that often include terrorism and intelligence agencies, and government efforts to stop them.

Now today with social media being  another part of the battlefield in the fight against terrorism, authors are also incorporating that aspect as well into their stories as well. As we continue to see this battle between terrorist organizations and agencies and governments attempts to stop them evolve, we will see authors continue to evolve their books as well to continue to meet this ever changing literary part of the world.

To find out more about the authors mentioned above, check out your local library or the internet.

Aaron Albers is the author of Highest Betrayal, a spy thriller novel that takes you from the MidEast to the streets of America’s cities as it is a race to stop the largest terrorist attack since 9-11 from occuring. Michael Johnson, and Kathleen Henderson must comb through treachery, deceit and murder to stop this attack, but the question is can they do it in time? Highest Betrayal is available from the following locations:



Enjoy the book trailer for Highest Betrayal and keep tuned for further announcements of future works, events and other news from Aaron Albers.



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