Why serving as a Marine helped me with my book


When I started writing Highest Betrayal I incorporated military experiences in with my characters. The reason I did this, is because as a former Marine I felt it would make the book and the characters more exciting. Not just because I could relate to the characters being military, but through my experiences while serving in the Marine Corps. I served on the front lines of the war of terrorism, and the war in Iraq. So as I wrote book, I thought to myself, how do my experiences help me in the writing. Then I remembered all the briefings and instructions I sat through that went through what we should be prepared for. Real world experiences also played a large role in helping me in writing the book as well, such what we should expect if a vehicle approaches our convoy, how to handle prisoners and information that we collected. So as I wrote the story, I just thought  to myself, the characters would have received the same briefing just as I have, and more since they are now part of a intelligence agency.  And the actions taken by the characters is what I would have done too if I found myself in the same predicament. As the book went further along, I continued to think based on my training, what would I do, what would the characters do based on their training. So having that real world experience especially military training helped me in writing my book Highest Betrayal. 

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