Coming up with Characters

One of the many questions I have received about Highest Betrayal is how did I come up with my characters. Well for the characters, the first thing was that I came up with names for my characters. Such as the heroes of the story Michael Johnson, and Kathleen Henderson, I just picked two names both first and last and it just seemed to stick with the characters. Now for the antagonist it was a little bit different because he comes from a country in the Middle East so I had to research exactly on how the names fit with each other. As for the rest of the characters it was a simpler task of just trying to find names that fit well. Once I had the names completed, I turned to coming up with their bios, which included my secondary and minor characters who did not have as extensive bio as the main characters.. For my two main characters I felt a military background to their bios would be just perfect for the both of them because that is how I viewed them within my mind as I came up with them. As for the second antagonist I  also wanted him to have a military background because for me, a soldier who lost faith can often be the best the best bad guy for your heroes, which serves the story very well. As for the main antagonist I  wrote within his bio that wanted him to seek the revenge for someone very close to him. In coming up with these characters, I wanted them to have their own identities as well as helping the story move along with the support from the other characters who had their own identity as well and their interactions within the plot of the book.

So coming up with characters for your stories, novels, or series can be easy, or hard but if just put in the time and effort to develop your characters, it will payoff in the end and you will be happy with the results.

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