Why Outlining is good for you books

I had during the course of my online release party a question to posed to me, and it was how I cam up with my book. I of course told them how I found a idea for the plot, researched it, and develop the book from there, but going back on it, I kind of did a mini outline without really doing the outline for the book. So as I continue to write, I now start planning out my book with an outline. These outlines includes what the book should be about, character bios title and the actual outline it self. The outlines for the books include chapters and what each point of the chapter will be. This allows me to see the plot unfolding and gives me a rough starting point before I even start writing. Theses outlines have actually helped me to improve my writing because if I get stuck I can go back and reference the outline and make changes to the outline and book if necessary. So outlines for your books is a great thing because it actually helps in the writing process.

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