How social media can help with your books and yourself as a author

With the world today ever more interconnected through the uses of social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth, these tools can be ever useful if you are trying not only to promote your books but yourself as a author. With the creation of Facebook Pages, you can reach untold audiences who may not be aware of your works. If you spend the money you can simply boost your page or post to reach a audience in a country or counties you like to target. Plus having friends, and family share post on their time lines and asking friends to share as well, will continue to build up your audience. Twitter is another useful tool to use in the attempt to build up your audience. First you can link your author or books Facebook page to your Twitter account so every time you post, it can go out onto Twitter. Using tools like hashtags and attaching your name or name of your books will help people find them. Asking Friends or fellow authors to share and re-tweet your tweet to help reach the maximum number of people, as well as following your publisher or adding the name to any re tweets that you do. Doing so will help people find you and your books. Attaching other social media accounts to any post that you do will help your profile grow and maybe get people interested in your books. Websites are another great tool to use because these sites can be linked to your social media accounts as well. Updates talking about your books or appearances will defintley help you get more connected to the world.

Other outlets like YouTube allow you to post videos promoting your book or website or Facebook pages. YouTube also allows you to post pod cast that you take part in or create. Along with the creation of book trailers and posting it can help you build your profile and have people connect with your books.

So the use of the different social media outlets can help you build your profile as a author as well as have people connect with your publish works.



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