Why books and reading are important

People ask are books even important today, and what is the point of reading if everything you want to know can be said in a 140 characters or less on Twitter, or wait until the movie comes out. Well I am here to tell you why books and reading are important. Books can tell you a story that you don’t have to spend a fortunate on tickets and popcorn for. Movies can cut key parts of the books out or rewrite the story all together. With social media, you cant tell the story or even the plot in a 14o characters or less. With books and reading you get invested into characters and the story as well as getting involved in the emotions, the plot and trials and tribulations of everyone. Besides the investment into the story, books and reading are important because for many, books are the very first thing they receive as children. Books and reading help children to develop their vocabulary as well as tools needed to recognize words and pictures. As we get older, books and reading become even more important, because the more skills we gain, the more our language develops. But books and reading, as we age, remain important because it helps our minds and skills remain sharp. So instead of spending the 80 dollars at movie theater or tweeting about seeing the upcoming movie base on a book or just tweeting about mundane stuff. So take 20 minutes out of your day and pick up a book you like to read, or have read and just take the time to read.


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