Upcoming from Aaron Albers

We have had people asking what is up coming for Aaron Albers and what is going to be in the pipeline as far as books are concern. Aaron has a couple different books that he is working on right now. Aaron right now is in the planning stages for a three series World War 2 book about a American Family from West Palm Beach Florida, and has a sci fi book in the writing stages at the moment. As far as Highest Betrayal goes, Aaron is planning a sequel for the book, but it is currently in the idea and brain storming stage right now, so please stay tuned for upcoming updates about that.

Aaron is also planning to start doing a podcast sometime within the next couple months. Topics are still being ironed out as well as scheduling recording days, but we will keep you posted.

For continued updates about upcoming books, and the podcast or other news and events, please like Aaron Albers Facebook page,or bookmark the website as well as follow him on Twitter.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aaron.Albers2/

Twitter: @Marine1279


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