Recap of Online Launch Book Party and outlook on the future.


First of all, I would like to thank all those again that help make the Online Launch Book Party a success. I had great questions from people as well as authors posting links for their books. Also I would like to congratulate those selected to receive a personally signed copy of my book Highest Betrayal. We will defintley look into the future of doing that again. So what is coming in the future. I am looking at in the future of doing a podcast. It is in the preliminary stages of planning right now, but it is a possibility. We will also look at doing more events in the future. As for me as a author, I do have some more things in the pipeline as in books wise. There is a scifi novel that I want to complete, and a WW2 historical fiction that I am currently in the planning stages with. As for a sequel for Highest Betrayal, I will look at doing on in the future. Stay tuned for more updates with what is coming down the pipeline from Aaron Albers.




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