How Highest Betrayal links to the real world

Looking back at the past few years including the election a lot of news has been covered about terrorism, the CIA, homeland security and the Iranian nuclear weapon program and the deal. As a author, I found it as a amazing coincidence on how the link between Iran, terrorism, CIA, homeland security that was talked about in the past election cycle linked up to my book Highest Betrayal. The reason I found it a coincidence is that my book as a fictional account of what could happen if terrorists from Iran gained control of a nuclear weapon, and attempted to use on the United States. I also found it funny that every politician since 2001 has made the same claim about Iran, terrorism, and nuclear weapons, and stated that the CIA and homeland security deserved top priority to prevent a nuclear attack or Iran gaining weapons like nukes from happening. Now without going into too many details about my book, I just thought to myself as I began researching this, what would happen if a someone high up in the government was working with the terrorists?

I know there has been plenty of books that have been written about that subject, and the CIA, and until there is a change in the world, there will be plenty afterwards. My book is just one of many, but I offer a prospective from a angle that only a few authors recently have done. And that is served in the Middle East in Iraq during the war. I spent 8 years in the United States Marine Corps conducting two combat tours in Iraq, took part in the opening stages of war on Terror and a stabilization mission in Haiti. So I have the understanding of the real world that some don’t see other what was on the news.This experienced helped me build my characters and allowed me to develop the plot after some minor research.

So in the end, the events of the real world can help people write their books, just like it did with mine.  Terrorism, the CIA, homeland security, the Iranian nuclear weapons program all play a part in books written, including mine Highest Betrayal.


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