Author Spotlight

What do we know about Highest Betrayal author Aaron Albers? Aaron Albers according to his family and friends describe him as a loving man who cares about his family and friends. He has a stubborn streak but that streak is what helped him to obtain his goals of getting into the Marine Corps, completing boot camp, and after his discharged getting his degree in Education. He found that writing was a way for him to escape the troubles of the real world, and focus on something else. That is how he wrote Highest Betrayal. It came to him while working third shift as a security guard as a way to pass the time during his shift. From there it grew into the novel that it is today. But there is more to the author then just writing. Aaron enjoys spending his time with friends and family and trying to do things. Such as going to the beach or local events when they can. The author is a huge sports fan rooting for his former home state teams of Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, and the Wisconsin Badgers. He also holds season tickets for himself and his family to his alma mater at Florida Atlantic University for Football Season.

To find out more about Aaron Albers check out his Facebook Page:


To find out more about his book Highest Betrayal, it is available NOW for purchase from the following locations:


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