Highest Betrayal Spotlight 3

When you read Highest Betrayal, you find yourself wondering what would I do in that characters position? And that is my goal as a writer for this story. To get you engaged with the character to make yourself wonder what would I do if I was that character? Would I panic or do what the character does? Do you like the bad guys, and wonder if you can take that leap and betray everything for some revenge? That is the goal as me as the author of the story. In Highest Betrayal the characters are put in situations that your ordinary people don’t often find themselves in and they may overcome it. So when you read the story you should ask yourself can I over come what this person in the story is going through? You just surprise yourself.

To find out if this is true and more about Highest Betrayal, it available NOW for purchase from the following locations:




Ad Highest Betrayal 4_clean


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