What’s up next for Highest Betrayal

People have asked me about my book; Is there a sequel planned for it?; What do you plan next because your characters are still out there?; It was so good I would like to see more about these characters in another book. So here is the skinny what I do have planned for Highest Betrayal. Down the road, I would like to have the book become a audio book as sales continue to improve over time. I do have a sequel in the planning stages for the book, but I have other projects that I would like to get accomplished first. Any goal of a author is to have a book become successful to the point where the people are clamoring for it and more of the same. So that is what is in the works for Highest Betrayal.

To find out more about me or any events and appearances please visit the website, or my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Aaron.Albers2/

To find out more about Highest Betrayal it is available NOW for purchase:






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