Why buy Highest Betrayal?

People asked me, why should I buy Highest Betrayal? I answer them this. If they love action, mystery, suspense, some romance, and a edge of your seat thriller this is the book for you. For me, I know the writing is a little rough, and it could be a longer book, but the story and the plot is well thought out. One of the best reviews I got is that the characters are well thought out with their backstories, and the person told me they like this in characters because it makes the characters in the book seem a little bit more real. Other people who have reviewed the book loved the plot line involving a shadowy government figure who was behind the scenes, while others loved the two heroes of the book. It all depends on how you like your spy thrillers. I myself loved everything about the book. I purschased a couple copies and gave them away as gifts to which the people that received them have enjoyed the books. So if you enjoy a good book especially a spy thriller, I recommend Highest Betrayal.

Available now for purchase is Highest Betrayal.




Ad Highest Betrayal 4_clean


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