Why WMD fears make good plot lines

Though the story is a work of fiction, there can be some element of truth to it. There is a fear of terrorists organizations or a rogue governments like Iran getting its hand on a weapon of mass destruction like a nuclear weapon is a very real threat. This is a nightmare scenario for every country and their security forces. The questions they have are always how do we prevent this, how do we find out if there is a weapon here in the country, how do we stop the attack. Especially here in the United States with so many places for these weapons to be brought into it gives security experts headaches and more nightmares. Yet for authors and their books, like myself and my book these very same questions and concerns provide plots and mini plots for us to use in our stories. This helps make the story better and helps to keep our readers on the edge of their seats as read on to see what happens next. So when  you are reading the next spy thriller or book that has a hero or group of heroes racing to stop a terrorist from launching a WMD attack on a particular country or this country, just remember that those security forces practice and train for this every single day. Thank you.


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