How I researched my plot

When I decided to write my book, I wanted to try and least add some authenticity to it. So like anybody preparing to write, I decided to do some research on it. My plot line I researched news stories that related to my topic and current policies and politics that dealt with part of my story. Then with locations like places in the Middle East, I wanted to find countries that would serve alcohol but mainly to foreigners that did business deals. It took some research but I found my answer. As my plot and story took shape, I continuously researched more and more to try and make my story as accurate as possible with locations, but also added some spin to it to make it entertaining. Such as my characters on the run from the law, and trying to reach their final destination to the save the day. As my story drew closer to the ending, I continued to do research, such as location for my finale, but as a author I am allowed to take some artistic license especially when it came to bringing my plot to a end and how I wanted to leave off my characters. So my advice to writers of fiction, take time to do the research it will help your story. Thank you.


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