My Characters

When I started to gather idea’s for my book, I thought of all the books I read that kind of the same concept of mine, along with a few inspirations from the great writers like Larry Bond, Harold Coyle, Tom Clancy and so forth. So when I developed my characters whom I thought would appeal to most people. My two heroes both served in the military; one was army special forces, while the other was in counter intelligence. My opponents to my heroes I developed on what I feel that people may find most appealing as a villain. My supporting characters I all developed based on my real life experiences and travels as part of the Marine Corps. Character development in my story was crucial because each supporting character no matter how big or small played a crucial role with in the story. As you read the story, you may find your self drawn to anyone of the characters, and finding yourself rooting for or against this character for them to succeed or fail. This is my goal as a writer and for the book. Happy Reading.


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