A Story that grasp hold of you

When writing this story, I wanted it to be a story that would grasp you from the very beginning, and make you say I want to keep reading it and find out what happens next. So in order to do so, I picked a plot that could possibly keep the readers entertain. A pair of American spies who are accused of murder and must prove their innocent, while a government official sets a plan in motion to detonate a atomic bomb in a major US city with the help of Iranian dissidents. Once I had my plot line figured out I had to develop characters you can root for as well as root against. I wanted to add a little bit of suspense, romance, and mystery into the story as well. For me, I wanted all that combine with as realistic locales. By the time you reach the end, and you are loving the story and hooked by it, I have accomplished my task. For me that is the greatest accomplishment I could get as a author.


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