My Book and my coworkers who read it

The people that I work with that bought my book have given me some of the greatest reviews. They said they have enjoyed it and asked me questions about it. One person wondered at the end, I kind of left a bit of a cliff hanger. I meant it like that because I left the door open to a sequel which I want to do for my book. Another question that was asked was when one of the characters who visited a cemetery who they were visiting there. I explained it a bit, but the answer would be revealed in the squeal to the story. I was asked questions, but my simple answer is for some of the answers will have to wait until the squeal to my book comes out. I thank all those that have supported me in the process and since the book has been released. You are my inspiration to write and to succeed. Thank you.

The picture below is me signing a book for a coworker.



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