How to find a good plot for your book

For a lot of authors, many stories never get off the ground because of one key thing that every story needs, and that is a plot. You could develop great characters, have a terrific idea for a story, but when the time comes to develop that plot, the story dies because the idea didn’t develop into that plot like you were hoping for. Well you can still keep that story going, and those characters if you find a idea for a plot. And for many writers, its the world around us. For Highest Betrayal, I saw the news on the Iran and US nuclear talks and I thought to my self, hey there is a idea for a potential story there. What would happen if some anti-government insurgents bought a nuclear weapon with the help of a dissatisfied government official who had military experience and tried to detonated in a city like Los Angeles¬†. Once I had a plot and idea, i researched about locations, agency rules and so forth and the story began to emerge.

As you continue to build your plot and do your research, and develop those characters, along with your outline, you will find it much easier to write your story. I hope this helps your writing like it did for me in Highest Betrayal. Good writing to all of you out there.

Aaron Albers


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