How I write my stories

For everybody that wants to try their hand at writing, let me offer you a little insight on how to develop a good story. First of all develop an outline of what you want your story to be about. Outline the main plot, mini plot and any side stories that you may want to include. Second, develop character biographies including background, and possible relationships with other characters. This will help in your writing. Third do research on area’s where your story or plots devices are going especially if it involves the Middle East. Finally develop a chapters outline in which you have idea what you want to put in each chapter. Once completed you have a rough idea on how your story will look.

Now start writing, whether be by hand, typewriter or on the computer. You are allowed to jump ahead and work on different chapters at the same time, but I defintley recommend saving these chapters separately and stored on a cloud and possibility a USB drive. I would also give chapters to people you know that you trust to be honest as well as harsh to read these chapters, make suggestions, corrections or point out errors in your writing. Once your chapters are finished you can start putting the final touches on your story.

Before you submit it to a publisher, hire a friend or a professional editor to look it over once more and make the final pre-submittal corrections. Then you can submit your story to the publisher or publishers. Don’t be discouraged if the process takes a while. Not every story gets selected for publication right away. But once you do get your story selected for publication it is the most thrilling feeling in the world.

Keep on writing my friends and I hope these tips will help you in your writing.


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