Why I write

People often compliment me on my writing, whether it be my book or my fan fiction that I write as well. Yet people ask me why do I write, especially fan fiction since I don’t get paid for it. For me, writing is a way to escape the troubles of the modern world, or a way to forget about my troubles for a little while. When I write, I put myself into the characters, their environment, their stories and relationships. Writing often allows me to express my thoughts and concerns on paper, to which I may not be able to express in person. When I choose to write a story, I often develop it to have a ebb and flow that will keep the reader enticed with the story and not lose him or her. I want that person to come back and wanting more from the story. Yet as I complete a story,I feel a sense of disappointment because sometimes even though I know the story had to end, there are times I feel that I could have done more with it, but I had to cut the extra because it just didn’t fit what I was going for.

Then in the end, when I see a story published or read the reviews and people compliment it, I feel a sense of completion knowing that I entertained people with my writing. That is why I write.


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